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A global data set of soil types is available at 1-degree latitude by 1-degree longitude resolution. Soil types are described at two levels of detail, including 106 types based on Zobler assessment of FAO Soil Units (Zobler, 1986) and an aggregated list of 27 types at the Great Group level. These data represent a subset of Zobler World File for Global Climate Modeling (Zobler, 1986) and were compiled as part of an effort to improve modeling of the hydrologic cycle portion of global climate models

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This data set contains 1 data granule
Granule Name Variables Metadata Preview Image
    Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid soil type Projection: WGS 84
Spatial Extent: N: 90, S: -90, E: 180, W: -180
Start DateTime: N/A
End DateTime: N/A
Global Soil Types, 1-Degree Grid